Local Men Wear Heels For A Good Cause

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POTEAU (KFSM) --Friday night (August 18th), the men of Poteau walked a mile in her shoes.

That's what the event was called, for the record -- 'Walk A Mile In Her Shoes'.

"All the men are wearing heels, yes," said Deanna Chancellor of Women's Crisis Services.

Wearing heels to benefit victims of domestic violence, stalking, and assault.

"What makes it personal for me is I've seen victims survive," said Chancellor.

"It's a heart breaking situation."

That's why the men of Poteau, including local law enforcement, donned the heels in support.

"Domestic violence is about control. Power and control," she explained.

She says if someone wants to control everything you do, it's a sign.

"This is the silent epidemic," she stated.

To help women dealing with that silent epidemic, Chancellor works with victims.

"I work with victims that are 'birth to 99' is what I always tell people," she said.

Women's Crisis Services is available for support.

"It's a really difficult situation to talk about."

Even if talking about it isn't the easiest thing to do.

All of the men completed their walk in heels without falling.

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