Farmington Looks To Get Power Run Game Back Behind O-Line

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FARMINGTON (KFSM) - Mike Adams keeps no secrets on the type of football he wants his offense to play. Now he wants his Farmington Cardinals to get back the smash mouth style they are used to.

With four returning starters on the offensive line, Farmington is ready to move to line of scrimmage and move past a 3-7 season in the process.

"We feel like with those guys we’ve got up front right now we’ll be able to move people," Adams said. "We feel like we can get some big people up there and hopefully move the line of scrimmage in our direction."

Farmington also returns senior tight end Jacob Gray to help things at the point of attack.

"We’ve been trying to motivate guys to just keep going and just execute everything as perfectly as possible," Farmington senior Sam Stevens said."

"Growing up as a sophomore we had people like Matt Duffy to show us our way and every since then we’ve kind of taken after their foot and we’re kind of taking it our way, taking it the the big way," Farmington senior Zach Newman said. "Like teaching the small guys and hopefully they can leave a legacy."

A date with rival Prairie Grove awaits the Cardinals in the season opener and that is when Adams wants to see the change in his offense.

"We’ve got to be able to run the football better than we did last year," Adams said. "We were a mediocre running team at best and that’s kind of our identity. We’re going to run power and blast and counter and those type of things and we’ve got to make that work for us to be successful."