Adventure Arkansas – Boat Ball At West Fork Park

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Hey guy’s Megan Graddy here! For this week’s Adventure Arkansas we are at West Fork Park and we are playing Boat Ball!

“Demolition derby, rugby, soccer, kind of combines a little bit of everything,” said Jeff Neisler.

“The point of boat ball is to come out here and kind of keep our skills up when the water is low,” said Ryan Dugger, President of the Arkansas Canoe Club.

“It’s been a great community builder that’s been great for the club as well,” said Neisler.

“My favorite part is actually just coming out and just seeing my paddling friends and see what people have been up to, it’s kind of like hanging out with your family,” said Dugger.

“You are trying to get on of your players on the other side of the buoy open and you are trying to get that ball between paddles and boats and flailing arms,” said Neisler.

And the club encourages anyone to play…

“We’ve got a 14 year old here tonight and we’ve got some 60 plus so a wide span male and female,” said Neisler. “It’s fun and a great work out for anyone who wants to get out and paddle it’s a blast.”

And the health benefits come by the boat load…

“Anyone can do this… it is a lot of fun it’s a heck of a workout it really works on your torso a part of your body that you don’t  use a lot of times, well in this you use it,” said Wade Colwell.

“It’s physically demanding as anything I’ve ever done, so it’s a total body work out,” said Neisler.

“Everybody is so supportive and I get a little aggressive sometimes and someone said the more aggressive you get the more aggressive they will be with you and that’s kind of fun,” said Colwell.

But above all safety comes first with this rough and rowdy group and for good reason…

“The scratches are from hitting rocks and of course here from getting hit in the head with a paddle that’s the main thing and some people were face mask,” said Colwell.

But all in all it’s just about having fun…

“I mean the comradery is great always we don’t keep score we just kind of play and everyone is always excited about it,” said Eli Barton.

“It’s just so different than anything else you do it’s just the fun part of it try and stay up right, that’s an adventure,” said Neisler.

“It’s kind of a gate way to the adventure,” said Barton.

For this week’s Adventure Arkansas I’m Megan Graddy.

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