Full-Time Mental Health Clinician Now Available To U Of A Students

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- This school year, students at the University of Arkansas now have access to a full-time mental health clinician to help them through the stress of college.

In years past, students had clinicians to talk to, but they were only part-time.

That changed when the university hired Megan Little.

“It's just this consistent face, this consistent person that’s representing our embedded program that’s throughout the halls on campus," Little said.

She is now that consistent face.

One thing she said is special about her position is that she is located in a residence hall.

By being in the building where students live, she is easily accessible to those who need some help.

“Here on campus, yes these are students but we’re seeing the same mental health topic and needs that are in the community as well," Little said.

Hunter Holmes is a sophomore at the university.

He said the one thing he struggled with as a freshman was being away from home.

He never sought out counseling, but knows other students who had a hard time their first year of college.

“They didn’t always react in the right ways or the ways that would be healthy I guess," Holmes said. "It’s a real thing, it's evident and when it happens, it happens.”

Holmes said he knows having someone like Little available will be beneficial to students especially since it is free.

Little expects to talk with students about various topics like classwork and relationships.

She explained that isn't the only thing that stresses out students.

“When we had international students concerned about travelling back home, we saw an increase in students seeking out services and wanting consultation on that," Little said. "So I think when anything happens nationwide, we see it in the counseling center as well.”

Little has already started planning group sessions to help teach students ways to make it through the school year.

Students seeking help with Little and her team can call CAPS to set up an initial assessment appointment at (479)575-5276.