Locals Worry About Driving, Road Conditions In Town Without Police Station

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UNIONTOWN (KFSM) -- You might know Sherry Marshall as Ms. Senior Arkansas 2017. But lately, the Uniontown resident has taken on a different role.

"We have quite a dip here in the bridge," she said of Highway 220 West.

She's working to bring awareness to what she calls a dangerous road way. Scenic Highway 220 West, she said, is filled with dangerous obstacles.

"Somebody is going to get hurt at some point."

Dangerous obstacles like potholes and roads with no shoulders.

"I have been made aware recently that it is against the law to discharge grass on the highway."

But without road shoulders, the residents don't have much choice.

"(And for motorcyclists), the grass clippings make it slick and they can lose control."

Then once summertime passes and the grass becomes less of an issue, Marshall says a row of pine trees further up the road blocks the sun out entirely.

"So this stays iced over for several days after we've had ice and snow," she explained.

The road runs through Uniontown, an unincorporated community in Crawford County.

Marshall says without a local police department, people are often breaking the law in already dangerous conditions.

"People are speeding, texting," she said.

She asks that anyone with similar concerns take this survey on the highway department's website, Citizens Opinion Survey on Highways in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation responded to local concerns, saying they will have a crew perform routine maintenance as soon as possible. It also said it would attempt to schedule more significant work as funds become available.

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