Local Red Cross Volunteers Are Helping In Houston

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- In anticipation for Hurricane Harvey local Red Cross volunteers have headed to Texas to be on standby to help.

Fayetteville Red Cross volunteer, Linda Morgan has helped during more than 50 disasters.

Wednesday (Aug. 23), she along with several other Arkansans packed up the emergency response vehicle from the Red Cross Northwest Arkansas chapter.

“We were headed to Corpus Christi and got rerouted to Houston and that's where we are now.  So we are here trying to get food and water and supplies to all the shelters and different areas before it hits,” Morgan said.

Morgan said she volunteers because she just likes helping people, many who have lost their homes and belongings.

“Their floors will be flooded, even the wind damage could tear them up totally,” she said. "So they just need help and that's what all the volunteers need to do is go in and help them.”

Morgan is just one of nine volunteers from Northwest Arkansas. There are a total of 18 volunteers from Arkansas and Oklahoma in Texas with dozens more ready to deploy.

“We are mounting an operation with the Red Cross and predicting this to be the most deadly and damaging storm to hit the U.S. in more than a decade,” Rick Harvey said.

Rick Harvey with the Red Cross said those volunteers are stopping their lives to go down and help their neighbors for in some cases longer than two weeks.

“Then we are going to make sure our volunteers are safe as this storm makes landfall. Once it's deemed safe to go out and open shelters, handout supplies. Do whatever needs to be done to help the residents of the affected areas,” he said.

The Red Cross said they have enough cots and blankets in Texas for more than 20,000 people.

If you would like to help you can donate to the Red Cross by visiting Redcross.org or calling 1-800-Red-Cross or texting HARVEY to 90999 for an immediate $10 donation.