3-State Police Pursuit For Motorcyclist; Involves Highways 59, 43 and 20

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LANAGAN, Mo. (KFSM)  —  Missouri police are searching for a convicted felon who they say stole a motorcycle and took them on a three-state chase that started on Highway 59 south in Lanagan, on Saturday (Aug. 26) around 11 a.m.

During the chase, the woman riding with him tossed a backpack onto the highway in Gentry.  The backpack contained stolen ID’s and the stolen ID’s belonged to people who are wanted by police, according to Lanagan Police Chief Chris Creekmore.

“In 20 years, this is the first time I’ve been taken on a country side tour of three different states, had a patrol car wrecked and an officer injured … all on a Saturday morning,” said Creekmore.

It began when another agency made a call regarding a felony warrant and an officer in Lanagan tried to stop a motorcyclist, but the man and his passenger took off heading south on Highway 59 and drove 20-plus miles into Decatur, Arkansas.

“I was next to the motorcycle,” said Bill Senn who was driving in the vicinity of Decatur, going south on Main.  “It was around 11:35 a.m.  when I saw two cop cars, and another cop car after that, chasing a motorcyclist.”

Senn said the bike was a “Crotch Rocket” and that there was a passenger with the biker who were both wearing white helmets.

“Benton County law enforcement became involved, but stopped at the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line near Maysville, off Highway 72 and Highway 43,” said Creekmore, “and we continued.”

Due to the remoteness of the area, communication was lost for a brief time between the Missouri officers and officers who were in Oklahoma along Highway 20, Creekmore explained.

The chase mainly stayed at 70 miles per hour.  “Only once was it at 100 miles per hour,” said Creekmore, “and we would have cutoff the chase if the motorcyclist began driving dangerously,” he said.

When the suspects came back into Arkansas, a Toyota pulled into the intersection of Hwy. 43, south of Maysville, and T-boned a patrol car, according to police.

Creekmore said the Missouri police officer had minor injuries and was taken to a Siloam Springs hospital where he was checked on and later released.  The Toyota driver was uninjured.  Both vehicles were towed from the accident scene.

The pursuit then went east into Arkansas, again onto Hwy. 59.  When the male and female on the bike were going through Gentry, the woman threw a backpack onto the road.  Police said they recovered it and found drugs and multiple stolen forms of identification.

As the chase continued, the suspects ran out of gas and ditched the motorcycle three miles from the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line on Hwy. 20.  They were last seen headed into the woods on foot, according to Creekmore.

“We know the driver is from Missouri and wanted on felony warrant(s),” said Creekmore, “but we’re yet to identify the woman because of the four different ID’s she had, and all the people on the ID’s are wanted by police”

The investigation is ongoing and the male suspect’s name has not been released, police said.

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