Bentonville West Taking Big Steps In Year Two

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CENTERTON (KFSM)-- Last season, there were no returning players, let alone starters, at Bentonville West. That's because prior to last year, there wasn't even a Bentonville West. This year, things are a little different.

"22 returning starters, plus we’ve got several kids who have moved in and are now starting, so I guess you could say we got more than that," says head coach Bryan Pratt.

"No other school in Arkansas has that," points out quarterback Will Jarrett.

As the Wolverines enter year two, expectations have changed, both inside and outside the program.

Jackson Prince, a senior wide receiver, says that last year "it was kind of a surprise when we won games, and this year the expectation is well, we better be winning games."

Jarrett adds that "last year we had nothing to lose, we were just playing to see what we could do, and this year we have high expectations and we all like that."

Jadon Jackson, a highly touted junior wide receiver, thinks the outsider's per[ective towards the Wolverines has changed.

"Last year they were just like, oh, that’s West, they’re trash, or whatever. But I think they’re seeing us as more of a team now."

In additiont to returning starters, West also has a senior class for the first time in program history. And Prince says that's a special opportunity.

"It’s a chance to kind of leave a legacy here and something that people will always remember, and it’s just a really good opportunity to really be a leader in a great school and a great community."

West will still play home games at Bentonville this year as their stadium gets built. But the most experienced team in the state doesn't care where they play, just as long as they make an impression.