Garrett’s Blog: Houston Help From a Fort Smith Native

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Photo: Aaron Chokbengboun

It’s Monday night and it’s still raining in Houston. Rain totals since the first rain bands moved into Texas last Thursday are now over 35″ in some places.

Aaron Chokbengboun grew up in Fort Smith and went to Northside High School and moved to south Texas for school.

Now, he’s in the Pearland Community of South Houston in the middle of the biggest natural disaster to hit the United States since Katrina.

Photo: Aaron Chokbengboun

He and his friend are using their boat to help evacuate those stranded by the rising flood waters.

I asked Aaron how he would describe the emotions of how it felt in the area he was located: “Defy devastation Houston Strong”.

You get the sense there’s a strong altruism in South Texas with everyone working together more than ever before to defy the odds and emerge stronger than before.

Photo: Aaron Chokbengboun

Above: Noah & Morgan are evacuated from a flooded home in the Pearland Community and taken to the George R Brown Convention Center where a temporary shelter has been set-up.

Photo: Aaron Chokbengboun

This is a photo of Noah & Morgan’s Dad, David, in their home.

David lived thru Allison, Rita, & Ike… this is the first time the water ever got into their home.

David’s wife, and Mom to Noah & Morgan, sent Aaron this message.

When I asked Aaron to describe his situation here was his response:

I reside in Pearland, Tx outside of Houston.

We do have Power, but neighborhood is somewhat flooded. see more of the community all around Houston , Louisiana , New York surrounding states coming to help aid us and come together as one.

Coast Guard has been asking for private owners with boats to come out and help with the victims yet alone the pouring of hundreds of boats floated out there houses to help with all the rescues.

Think about it only 19 CG are in air. Us Texans don’t have emotions , all we see is people coming from all around uniting as one to help the great state of Texas!

I don’t bleed a Texan but I sure do know how it felt to be one. #HoustonStrong   -Aaron Chokbengboun

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