Rogers Nonprofit To Help Meet The Needs Of Harvey Victims

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ROGERS (KFSM)-- The nonprofit organization Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is gearing up to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Sergeant Major Lance Nutt is the founder of the organization and said they plan on sending a team of about 60 members to Rockport and then to Houston starting Tuesday (Aug 29).

While there they will be helping clear roads of trees, patching up roofs with tarps and helping people just make it to their homes so they can find out what they lost.

Their plan is to load up their trucks and trailers with all of the donations they already received.

When they arrive, they will pass out what they have but then go back and fill everything up again.

Nutt has worked in disaster areas like this before and explained the needs of those affected never stay the same for long.

“These disasters are so different every time, the needs are different," Nutt said. "No matter how good of a job we do and initially planning to take supplies, when we get down there we’re going to find that it’s very unique and will be changing on a daily basis.”

The one thing he said people outside of Texas can do to help is give monetary donations.

This gives Nutt and his crews the flexibility to meet the ever changing needs wherever they are at.

“Whether it’s going and buying more water, tarps, roofing nails, nonperishable food items, clothes, blankets you name it that’s when we will make the biggest difference is that we will be able to go and specifically purchase the items the people need right then and there," Nutt said.

If you would like to make a donation to Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, you can visit their website.

Nutt advised those willing to help to be on the look out for possible scammers.

He said the best thing you can do is research an organization before giving it anything to make sure it is in fact a non profit.

On multiple occasions, Nut said they have arrived to a disaster area where someone has offered to help victims but at a price.

He said he has even heard of someone selling people a some water for about $30.

Nutt continued to say that today it is Texas that needs help, but it could be Arkansas that needs some assistance.

He urged everyone to find a unique way to lend a helping hand to those who may have lost everything from Harvey.