A Group Of Students Rally Against Campus Carry, While Others Countdown The Days

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  A group of student protesters at the University of Arkansas are rallying against the campus concealed carry law, which goes into effect Friday (Sep 1st).

But, rules regulating the law may not be ready for another year. While some students are hopeful they can make a change before then, others are counting down the days.

"We like people to be aware of the threat this is presenting," said Alexandria Rogers, rally organizer. She and a handful of students gave handouts and held signs, some read "Hogs against campus carry."

However, some students said they feel the new law adds a layer of protection.

"Hey if there was an active shooter at least I'd have a fighting chance," Wyatt Spigener said. Both Spigener and freshman Kylie Cannaday said they feel they'll have a better chance of surviving if someone decided to open fire. "I think its a good thing I think that it will give more protection to the students and faculty of the university." Cannaday said.

With the next legislative session 18 months away, Fayetteville Rep. (D) Greg Leding said students have time to drum up support for a repeal.