Fayetteville And Springdale Mayors Sign Letter In Support Of DACA

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Mayors of two local cities are showing their support for children of immigrants, as congress is set to rescind a big part of the DREAM Act.

Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan and Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse both signed a letter that said they stand with dreamers and believe in the continuation of the DACA program.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“We know who these people are that were brought here as kids who are working, they are contributing and as far as they know this, the United States is their country,” Doug Sprouse said.

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse said to uproot these kids and make them subject to deportation isn't right.

“It just doesn't seem right to me as an elected official and it certainly doesn't seem right to me as a human being,” he said.

Founding Executive Director of Arkansas United Community Coalition Mireya Reith said it's great to have the support of the mayors especially in times like these. She said unfortunately so many conversations surrounding immigrants have been politicized at a national level.

“To see our state and local leadership remind us that we are talking about our neighbors and that everybody is welcome herein calling Arkansas home and contributing to our economy and making Arkansas a better place, it means so very much,” Reith said.

Reith said if the Trump Administration does not take action by this Friday (Sept. 1), then by Tuesday (Sept. 5) 10 Attorneys General including Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas are expected to take legal action to end the program.

“To have this uncertainty and to play politics with the future of children but also our economy makes no sense to us. And so we are really appealing to our political leaders to please do the right thing,” she said.

Individuals who have work permits under this program would no longer be able to renew them if this program goes away. It would impact 10,000 Arkansans and close to a 800,000 nationwide.