Greenland Annexation Could Bring Large Music Pavilion

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GREENLAND (KFSM)-- The city of Greenland is looking to annex about 400 acres of land that could be used to build a large music pavilion.

The land the pavilion would be located on is just off Southwest Campbell Road.

Mayor Bill Groom said nothing is set in stone just yet, but a good amount of work has been done already.

The city is waiting to hear back from Washington County on if they approve the annexation and expect an answer on September 7.

Groom liked the idea of a large music pavilion because of the attention it could bring to the city.

He said many tell him they stop at the gas station just off the interstate, but he wants them to do more.

“I don’t think they look around," Groom said. "They don’t see… I mean we’ve got some great hills and dales and all that stuff that are undeveloped and I think we’re a diamond in the rough that’s fixing to be recognized.”

Not everyone though likes the idea.

Some who live not far from the property where the pavilion could be located said they don't like the idea of the extra traffic in so close to their homes.

Cody Buchanan is one of those people who said he lives in the county for a reason.

“There’s already a lot of people driving up and down the road and what not," Buchanan said. "I kind of like having my kids being able to run outside without having to worry about people in the roads and stuff like that.”

If the city gets approval from the county, Groom said there will be a 30 day period for any objections.

Groom expects the city to pass the annexation if it gets to the city council.

He said the best thing about the pavilion is that it would not cost the city any money, but could be a huge benefit.

The city has yet to see any plans for the pavilion.

The earliest date Groom expects the paperwork for annexation to be done is in October.