Local Agencies Help With Hurricane Harvey Relief

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Local agencies like the Fort Smith Fire Department, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Northwest Arkansas Task Force teams are doing all they can to help in Texas, including helping with relief in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"We were able to make 44 rescues and get those people back to safety and they were transported to shelters and residents by family members," Lt. Brian Aston, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said.

The groups are working evacuation missions near Kountze, Texas, an area without water or electricity.

"People are not flooded out of their homes in the towns around us, but their towns are surrounded by water and can't get in or out," Cpt. Ryan Rains, Fort Smith Fire Department said. "They don't have electricity, some don't have water and they're needing to leave and now needing supplies or water."

The Game and Fish Commission has developed a system of breaking its officers up into 21 search and rescue teams.

"Game and Fish officers are put with two Arkansas Task Force One individuals," Aston said. "That way we could address any situations that we came in contact with."

All rescue workers hoping to do as much as they can to help those in Texas.

"That way, we're better able to be in position to assist the citizens of Texas," Aston said. "That way, if we need to move logistically, we'll have the ability to do so and make sure that the time we're spending here is valuable to the citizens of Texas and that we can assist in any way possible."

The Fort Smith Fire Department took enough supplies to stay in Texas for about a week.