Fall Flavors – Is Maple Overtaking Pumpkin Spice?

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Fall weather is coming, which means the return of fall-flavored foods.

For years, pumpkin spice has been crowned the favorite fall flavor.

You’ll see the flavor popping up in foods and drinks everywhere as soon as September hits — bagels, cookies, cereal, doughnuts and, perhaps most famously, Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte.

However, the pumpkin spice frenzy may be coming to an end.

MarketWatch reported a 1010data analysis that said the number of pumpkin-flavored goods is increasing by 49 percent, whereas the sales are only increasing by 21 percent.

With so many pumpkin spice products on the market, some companies are looking for a new flavor for seasonal products. The new flavor of choice — maple.

Maple flavoring is quickly showing up in supermarkets and restaurants alongside pumpkin spice. There are flavored yogurts, drinks, and it’s even showing up in another coffee chain to rival the PSL.

Dunkin’ Donuts debuted their maple pecan coffee and a maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich this year, which will accompany their iced pumpkin macchiato in the fall flavor lineup.

At the end of the day, it’s up to consumers to pick their favorites. So what do you think — what’s the best fall flavor?