Hogs Superfan Hugging Players Goes Viral

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Video of a special needs Razorback fan getting hugs and high-fives from football players is getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

Ginger Sandy and her son Canaan were in Little Rock on Thursday, the day before the big game, and had been lined up behind a fence to greet the team.

Coach Brett Bielema was the first to notice Canaan Sandy and stopped to give him a quick hug before continuing on his way. Ginger Sandy said it was common for Coach B. to recognize Canaan and give him a hug. Sometimes a few players would also give him a hug, she said.

What happened next though had her stunned.

Dozens of players lined up alongside Canaan to give him a hug. One right after another.

"I was so amazed that so many of the boys lined up to give him a hug. A bunch of them got a big smooch on the cheek too," Ginger Canaan joked.

As of Monday evening, the video she had posted on her Facebook page had been viewed more than 6.4 million times, and had over 89,000 shares.

The video has received way more attention than the Sandy family had ever imagined.

Canaan Sandy is what some call a "superfan" and has been for all of his 35 years. The family lives in Cave City, but he and his mother regularly attend games, where they line up and greet the team.

For the past 29 years, they've received game tickets, but that stopped recently. Ginger Sandy said they don't know if they will be able to get into the Arkansas game against TCU, but nonetheless they will be still be there to cheer on the Hogs.

At home, his Razorback shrine is evident of his dedication to the team.

"I'm so happy for our first win, because the Hogs played so well," Canaan said. "I love my Hogs so much."

Ginger Sandy said despite the spotlight Canaan has received, it's all about the Razorbacks. She said she hopes people will see the teams generosity and become fans like themselves.

"You can hear in the video I'm yelling and hollering and saying 'Go Hogs!' and acting like an idiot," Ginger Sandy joked. "I was so excited. I was so, so grateful to those wonderful, wonderful young men."

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