Anthony Johnson Makes Impact Felt On Offense & Defense

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM)--Senior running back Anthony Johnson approaches football with a confident mindset.

"That I'm the best player on the field and that no one's gonna stop me unless they prove it," Johnson said.

"Last year he gained 1000 yards but he was trading time," head coach Danny Abshier said. "So we would expect maybe a little better than that this year."

As the Tigers feature back, Johnson's goal is to rush for 2000 yards. But believe it or not, he prefers playing defense.

"Man he's a lot of fun on defense. He hits so hard sometimes, and he brings an enthusiasm to everybody that it's borderline a celebration penalty sometimes," said Abshier.

"I just like hitting people to be honest. I don't like getting hit," Johnson explained."

"He can rush for 2000 yards. Defense, he's a good guy on defense. Hard hitter," senior fullback Dustin Burton said.

Johnson's versatility serves him well in the secondary and backfield.

Abshier said, "He can outrun you, he can juke you, he can run over you. He's one of our best receivers."

The game I remember most is probably the Nashville game two years ago [at War Memorial Stadium in the 4A state championship game]. On the goal line hitting Leonard Snell, causing him to fumble. They didn't call it a fumble but it was definitely a fumble. That was probably the hit of my life," Johnson recalled.

The Tigers lost that state title game, and fell to Warren in the semifinals last season. But with Johnson as a senior, the goal is one step further. A state championship.

Prairie Grove opened up the season with a win over Farmington in the Battle of Highway 62. Johnson rushed for 120 yards and two touchdowns, all in the first half.