Fans React To Clear Bag Policy For Reynolds Razorback Stadium

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Something different fans are seeing as they enter the gates of Reynolds Razorback Stadium this season is a new bag policy, which is bringing on various opinions.

The policy requires all bags larger than your palm to be clear. The University of Arkansas said this is a way to enhance safety, while also making bag checking times quicker for fans.

"It's perfectly fine," Vickie Martin, fan said. "Actually, I'm all for it. I like to see what people have in their bags when you're gathering 50,000 people in one area, so I'm totally for it."

"I think it's a good idea," Chansley Stepp, student said. "I think it makes sure that people can't bring in things they can't bring in."

Other fans said it's more of an inconvenience.

"I had to totally go buy a whole new purse for this game, so that was kind of a hassle," Ashlyn Dancer, student said. "They're not very cheap, so I was kind of upset about that."

"Girls, especially, it's kind of hard," Sydney Maczko, student said. "You don't want everyone seeing everything in your bag."

Opinions vary about the new bag policy and many fans said the clear bags were hard to find.

"They sold out really,  really fast," Stepp said. "So, trying to find one was kind of hard."

Maczko said. "I know a couple of people who got them on Amazon, but it's kind of hard to find them."

But, the biggest issue with the new policy is many people said they didn't know about it, forcing some fans to be turned away at the gate.

"I drove five hours to the game and I got a little black purse and I can't get into the game," Janet Leigh, fan said. "I'm going to miss a lot of the game, I'm really upset and I gotta walk five miles back to my car and go drop my purse off. If they were smart, they'd be selling plastic bags right here at the entrance."

Local boutiques offer the bags in more stylish options for fans and said the stores will continue re-stocking the clear bags for future games forthose who weren't able to get them for the first home game.

Fans carrying medical supplies are not subject to the clear bag policy.

For full details about the clear bag policy and other game day policies, visit the University of Arkansas website.