Georgia Family Hosts 53 Rescue Dogs

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DUNWOODY, Ga. (CBS) — Thousands of metro Atlanta families are opening their homes to Hurricane Irma evacuees – and not just the human ones.

Sari and AJ Shatz of south Florida, run a non-profit dog rescue operation called Breakfast Club K9 Rescue. From their property in the town of LaBelle, they coordinate adoptions for dogs that were on the verge of being euthanized at various animal shelters.

When the couple realized Hurricane Irma was headed their way, they had to figure out what to do with 53 dogs.

“We immediately started making phone calls, posting on social media,” said Sari.

They called shelters all over Georgia.

“For the most part, they just said, ‘Nope we’re full up,’” said AJ.

But then, through a Facebook connection, they found a Dunwoody family who opened their home and their giant backyard to all 53 rescues.

“They definitely feel the good energy of this environment,” AJ s aid.

As more neighbors find out about the dogs, they’re stopping by to pet the animals and in some cases, adopt them.

“Honestly, we’re just completely amazed,” said AJ.

“Ultimately, this potentially saved more than 50 lives, so I can’t express my gratitude enough,” said Sari.