Fayetteville Man Tells Police, “They Took My Baby”

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — A missing toddler was found to be in good condition, and with his mother, after the father told police he could not find his child.

It happened early Saturday (Sept. 9) evening in the area of West Dickson and North West Avenue.

According to a preliminary police report, witnesses described a man who they said assaulted an infant in a stroller.

Police found the man, based on the description given by witnesses, and identified him as Dean Edward Winner, 43, from Fayetteville.  Police said they noticed him to be highly intoxicated.  Police also found the stroller and diaper bag, but no baby.

Police said Winner told them he was attacked by members of the Aryan Nation and, “they took my baby.” Winner also told police he got angry with the child and abandoned the baby on the side of Razorback Greenway Trail.

At this point, police called for an enhanced response and nearly a dozen police officers began a search for the toddler, according to their report.

Another police officer made contact with Winner’s wife, Kimberly Dawn Winner, and learned the missing infant was at home with her.  The police search for the child was called off.

The mom and child had been home for about 30 minutes by the time police arrived.

Kimberly explained to police that she had given birth on September, 2nd, and developed complications.  The newborn was in the hospital in intensive care and she was re-admitted as a patient on Saturday.  Her husband was visiting with her and the newborn; by 11 a.m. he and the 19-month-old left the hospital by foot, with the stroller and diaper bag.  Hours later she became concerned because she told police her husband is an alcoholic. By 6 p.m., after calling him, Kimberly learned he was in the Dickson Street area. Kimberly left the hospital and found her husband and child near Grub’s Bar and Grill.  She took the child and went home.

The police officer noticed the infant had a swollen upper lip, cuts and a chipped tooth. Kimberly told police the child was not injured when Dean left the hospital.  The injuries were consistent with being struck in the mouth, according to the police report.

Kimberly, and the 19 month old, returned to Washington Regional Medical Center where they were checked on. Police placed a call to the DHS Child Abuse Hotline.

Dean Winner was arrested and is being held on $35,000 bond.  He’s charged with second degree domestic battery, first degree child endangerment, filing a false police report, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.  He has a preliminary hearing Monday (Sept. 11).