Prairie Grove Family Rides Out Irma At Walt Disney World

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ORLANDO (KFSM) -- Since making landfall on Saturday (Sept. 9), Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

This is only the sixth time in the 45 years that it's been open that Disney World has had to shut down. The last time was October 2016 during Hurricane Matthew.

One Prairie Grove teen and her family are feeling the impact after spending some of their vacation at Disney World hunkered down inside.

“It's just been windy and raining, but today it's not raining and the wind has calmed down,” Tabor Lewis said.

Tabor Lewis has been in Orlando staying at a Disney World Resort with her family since last Tuesday (Sept. 5).

She said their plan was to visit all the theme and water parks, but mother nature had other plans.

“Everything shut down yesterday and it just got a little bit windy and some rain,” she said.

Luckily, they had time to visit Magic and Animal Kingdoms, Hollywood Studios and Epcot before they closed.

“It was upsetting, but we got to go to all of the theme parks and like I said they have lots of fun activities here to do. So, it wasn't too terrible," she said.

Being from Arkansas, riding out a storm like this wasn't something she ever expected to experience.

“I was scared at some points, but then we talked to a lot of local people and they said that we should be fine as long as we stay in the hotel and don't go outside.”

Lewis said they tried to leave on Saturday (Sept. 9), but all flights were sold out.

Disney World is re-opening Tuesday (Sept. 12) but Lewis and her family will be flying back to Arkansas.