Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Reaches Max Capabilities After Irma

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ROGERS (KFSM)-- The Rogers based nonprofit organization Sheep Dog Impact Assistance continues to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and are now working to help areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

Founder Sergeant Major Lance Nutt said they sent a crew of people north of Naples, FL on Sunday to help where they can.

On Thursday, they plan to send more supplies and heavy machinery to continue where they left off in Rockport, TX.

Dealing with two major natural disasters states away is starting to take a toll on the organization according to Nutt.

He said each disaster is unique but this entire situation is something they have never dealt with before.

"It`s starting to impact us from the standpoint of exhausting our resources and taking a toll on our personnel who are spending a lot more time than normal either manage what we`re doing or to help with our recovery process," Nutt said.

At first, he said crews will get physically tired, just like anyone else putting in a lot of time and doing a lot of work.

After a while though, Nutt's crews start to feel it emotionally.

"Once you become a part of the disaster, i.e. being their for the recovery process, it starts to affect you also because you're seeing the toll it's taking on the people who live there," Nutt said. "You're digging through their personal belongings and seeing pictures of their family and the loss they are experiencing."

Nutt is also concerned that the donations from the community will stop.

He urged everyone to continue giving what they can to those helping Texas and Florida recover from Harvey and Irma.

Even though this is uncharted territory for the organization, they will continue to work and help those in need for as long as they can.

"It's a learning process for us still," Nutt said. "We're going to go as long as we can and we'll figure out what we're made of at that point."

Nutt said his crews in Florida are seeing a lot of debris blocking the roadways.

Sheep Dog will use chainsaw crews to clear these roads so more assistance can get to those affected.

Crews who leave for Texas on Thursday will be there for about a week.

When they return, Nutt said they will figure out where more help is needed in either Texas or Florida.

If you would like to help Sheep Dog Impact Assistance with their work in Florida and Texas, you can make a donation on their website.