Bentonville Man Accused Of Rape On UCA Campus

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Courtesy: THV11

FAULKNER COUNTY (KFSM) — A Bentonville man is accused of raping a woman on the University Central Arkansas campus in Conway, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Officers responded to a report of a possible sexual assault at Bear Hall on Friday (Sept. 8) at about 1:30 a.m. The report states that the victim and her friends suspected Michael Zeher, 18, of sexually assaulting her after a party at the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity house.

According to the report, Zeher escorted the victim back the Bear Hall, where they both live, because the victim was intoxicated and not feeling well. Zeher’s roommate sent a friend a message on Snapchat that Zeher was having sex with the victim.

The victim was asked if Zeher forced himself on her and she replied, “yes,” according to the report.

The report states Zeher admitted to police that he sexual intercourse with the victim for approximately five to 10 minutes. He admitted that the victim was “incoherent” at times during his encounter with her, the report states. According to the report, he took her clothes off, had sex with her, put her clothes back on and put her on his bed.

When asked why he had sex with her even though he knew it was wrong he said it was because he liked her for a long time and that he “had feelings for her,” according to the report. The report states he said that the victim nodded her head “yes” when he asked her if she was okay with what they were doing. According to the report, Zeher admitted that he did not think that the head nod was sufficient consent given by the victim to have sexual intercourse with her.

Zeher was transported to the Faulker County Detention Center for booking and processing, and later released on bail. Zeher is now facing charges of one count of rape.