Contract Dispute Could Lead To Water Shut-Off For Entire City Of Vian

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VIAN (KFSM) -- Residents of Vian received a letter from City Hall letting them know water could be shut off to the entire town on Friday (Sept. 15).

The letter warns residents to prepare for the possibility.

Vian currently receives their water from the Sequoyah Water Association. The association serves nearly 6,000 customers in Sequoyah County.

Since February, the association and the town of Vian have had a contract dispute.

The association spokesperson said rates have risen across the board to accommodate much needed upgrades to keep the system running smoothly.

"We have a two million gallon a day plant and we are maxed out," Seqouyah Water Association president Vance Mooney said.

Some residents who received the letter said they were concerned.

"I know there's changes in chemical prices and things like that that's fluctuating cost but to raise the rates 40 percent is just outrageous," Vian resident Steve Gilley said.

Vian city officials are arguing that they are not going to pay the new rates of 90 more cents per 1,000 gallons of water because of a signed contract with Sequoyah Water Association back in 2009, which they said is supposed to be for the time span of 50 years.

The water association said the contract is worded to accommodate rate changes, while Vian city officials said that is not the case.

Vian's city attorney said he plans to file an injunction to stop the shut off on Friday.