One Year Makes Huge Difference For Will Jarrett & Bentonville West

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CENTERTON (KFSM) - Bentonville West's first season of football was an adjustment to the speed of the 7A West. One year later, the Wolverines have become the team that no one wants to play.

"[Last year] we were 0-2 and hadn't played very well. Kids were running around not knowing what to expect, not used to the speed of the game," head coach Bryan Pratt said.

With all 22 starters back, there's a big difference between 2016 and 2017.

"Last year we were just trying to survive I guess, and this year we're trying to win every game," senior wide receiver Stefan Banda said. "It's an eye opener, how much work we put in this summer. It pays off."

"Leadership and maturity. Compared to last year our team's just a lot more mature," said quarterback Will Jarrett.

Following a successful summer and back-to-back wins to open up the fall, the community sees big things in the near future for the Wolverines.

"A very high expectation that we all believe in too. We all have really high expectations this year and expect to fulfill those," Pratt said.

Jarrett added, "The expectation level is a lot higher, not only just in the season but in the offseason and the summer."

A big reason for the early wins and positive vibe is the leadership of Jarrett.

"Everything's slowed down a little bit for him. He's not getting near as much pressure, our offensive line has done a whole better job this year at keeping him a little bit safe," Pratt explained.

"Just from year one to year two and having seniors, just having experience also, it's a big difference," Jarrett said.

"He has stepped up as a leader. He actually has been more vocal than last year," Banda said.

Jarrett has thrown 13 touchdowns this fall, in six quarters of game play and two quarters of a scrimmage. The Wolverines have dominated Pryor, Oklahoma 49-13 and Little Rock Central 48-14. On Friday, Bentonville West's first road game is a challenge at Muskogee, Oklahoma.