Car Dealer Showcases Local Memorabilia

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Bill White is a long-time local car dealer. At his new pre-owned lot on Fort Smith's south side, those who walk inside take a step back in time. He's showing off just part of his collection - a lot of it from right here in the River Valley.

The outside of Bill White's Volkswagen pre-owned dealership is pretty unassuming. But if you look closely - through the large glass windows - you'll see a Phillips 66 sign, the first glimpse of a massive collection inside.

"I'd say a sickness, probably," Bill White laughed, when describing his love of collecting.

Every square inch of wall space on the show floor and in his office is covered.

"I've been collecting for probably 40 years. And some of this stuff I've traded for on car deals. Matter of fact, quite a bit of it. And I've just kept it all these years and I finally got me a place to put it all," White said.

It includes cars, clocks, his childhood TV, toys, lights, even old gas pumps and lots of signs.

"That [Coca-Cola car] up there I bought from Ed's Diner in Sallisaw," White said.

The prized possessions include a Batmobile he got his son for Christmas 20 years ago.

"I gave $50 for this thing years ago and we've kept it all this time," White said.

And a coin-operated elephant ride he bought for his daughter from B&L Amusement in Fort Smith when she was a toddler.

Then there's a piece of TV memorabilia that came all the way from Hollywood.

"This car right here, this white one, was on the Seinfeld Show," White said.

And in the center of it all is the sign that started it all.

"That Volkswagen sign up there is from my first dealership in 1986," White said.

It's truly a sight to see, something that keeps customers talking.

"They can't believe it. They think it's cool. And of course, we do too," White said.

Bill White has been collecting as long as he's been selling cars and he has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

The dealership is at 3100 McKinley Avenue in Fort Smith. White invites anyone who wants to check out his memorabilia to drop by.