Metabolic Research Center – Lose Weight Gain A Healthy Lifestyle – Part 1

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Hey Bobby here it’s a busy time of the year for me, but I decided you know what it’s time to take matters into my own hands maybe lose a little weight and a former co-worker of mine lost a ton of weight over 100 pounds using metabolic research so I figured, hey why not come out and take a look myself and see what this thing is all about so I’m here at the office in Fayetteville and we’re going to give this thing a look.

“Everybody is different so when people call us the reason for them to lose weight could be something from their appearance or physical activity or their lifestyle, but our client does not wake up and just decide and realize that they are 50 lbs. over weight, it is our job to figure out what is their trigger, what motivates them and what can we do to change their life,” said Sarah Harper.

As a former college athlete I know what my body is capable of, but after my career began to grow it took precedence over staying active.

Sarah Harper- “When a client comes in and enrolls we are with them every step of the way and make sure they get to their goal we are not giving up on them. We are coaches we are the motivators, nobody is perfect, nobody is perfect on the program and that is why we are here..If it was easy we wouldn’t be here,” said Sarah Harper.

Most of all, I need accountability and something that will work around my crazy schedule, after all it is football season.

But just in the first week I’ve dropped 5 pounds by cutting out soda and replacing it with water.

Sarah Harper – “Our clients usually see a greater amount of inches lost than pounds lost, whether it’s half a pound, a pound, 2 pounds, 3 pounds, we are celebrating we make it fun.. Weight loss is not always fun,” Sarah Harper.

Sarah Harper – “It’s all normal foods that our clients can buy themselves at the store they can also eat out in restaurants that is a big deal for them, they are not buying prepackaged foods from us,” Sarah Harper.

Coming from someone who doesn’t cook this program works with my schedule and since I’m on the road, I needed the option of stopping at a restaurant.

At my first visit measurements were taken, my weight and BMI was noted and now they will devise a custom plan that works for me

“This is a lifestyle change this is not a quick fix not a quick diet plan this is a lifestyle way of eating and living your life,” said Sarah Harper.

My coach told me I’ll begin this program by drinking more water, choosing healthier options while I’m out, and adjusting my sleep schedule… the new me starts now!

Sarah Harper - “You know there is a lot of things that change their life overall, it’s why we love what we do. We really fit it into their lifestyle. We are going to change their life and get them back to that healthier person that they want to be.”

Join me next week on my journey to a healthier lifestyle with Metabolic Research; this is Bobby Swofford with 5ENWS.

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