Oklahoma Governor Issues Executive Order Calling For Special Session

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OKLAHOMA (KFSM) — Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued an executive order on Friday (Sept. 15) calling for a special session to address the budget shortfall, develop long-term solutions to government inefficiencies and fund a teacher pay raise, our sister station KFOR reports.

She recommended that lawmakers address the immediate budget shortfall while coming up with long-term solutions to the budget crisis.

“Urgent action is needed,” Fallin said. “Lawmakers need to come together quickly to fill this fiscal year’s budget hole so our citizens can be assured they will receive necessary core services. I also am asking them to develop solutions to address structural deficits in our budget. For decades, we have attempted to balance our budget for too long with the use of one-time resources. We must develop a budget based on stability, not volatility.”

She said lawmakers need to find ways for the government to be more efficient. She also said legislators should address a pay increase for teachers and clarify exemptions to the new sales tax on vehicles.

“I have been talking with legislative leaders from both parties and I will continue to work with them until an agreement is reached,” Fallin said. “I wish we had an easy button to push, but that is not reality. Our challenges in front of us are difficult and it will take great resolve and statesmanship for us to be successful.”

The special session will convene on Monday, Sept. 25.

“I encourage lawmakers to see this special session as an opportunity to change the fiscal course we are headed,” Fallin said. “I hope they seize the moment to pass legislation that makes more revenue available, reduces our reliance on one-time funds, and puts our state on the path to success.”