Walmart Announces Plans For New Home Office

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Walmart announced on Friday (Sept. 15) that they will build a new home office in Bentonville.

Executive vice president of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett said Walmart has more than 15,000 associates operating in almost 30 buildings across Northwest Arkansas.

"It's not very efficient for us to work as a team when so many parts of our team are splintered throughout the community," he said. "It's also inefficient because every time a meeting is scheduled they have to drive over and find parking and do all those things. So, we're not as productive of a team as we can and should be."

Bartlett said the buildings the current offices have been in use a long time, and just like investing in their associates in the stores with wage increases, they also want to invest in associates in Bentonville.

“We’re really excited what this new campus that will be connected in bringing the large part, the vast majority of our associates here in town together on one piece of property is really exciting," he said.

The new home office will be built in phases on the east side of Southeast J street, which is bordered by Arkansas Highway 102 to the south and Arkansas Highway 72 or Central Avenue to the north.

Editor of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, Paul Gatling said this is not only big for Bentonville, but also for Arkansas.

"The global company that is competing with Amazon in so many different areas, they needed to be able to build a campus that attracts and recruits talented people from all over the world," he said.

Walmart says they will be very thoughtful in their conversations with the city and community stakeholders in what will be done with the historic piece of property.

It will likely be five to seven years before the new campus is complete. Some things associates can look forward to on the new campus are more parking, windows and high ceilings.