Fayetteville Couple Worried After Second Hurricane Narrowly Misses Daughter’s Home In St. Kitts

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- As Hurricane Maria travels across the Caribbean, one family in Fayetteville worries about the safety of their daughter.

Beth and James Miller said they have been doing a lot of praying over the past few weeks for their daughter.

Their daughter Jordan has been in St. Kitts for two years attending veterinary school. Even though they have been able to text sometimes, they have lost communication on a few occasions.

Their goal now is to try and stay in touch with her until the storm passes. The two said they have had a lot of sleepless nights, starting with Hurricane Irma.

"We were on edge for quite a while," James said. "We were up all night keeping in contact with her. Luckily, her power didn't go out during that time so we were texting back and forth."

"The last time we talked to her this morning was at 9:20 a.m. and we didn't talk to her again until 3:00 p.m.," he said.

When they were talking to Jordan on the phone, she seemed to be in good spirits. She said she and some friends have been watching shows on a friend's computer. Beth said knowing she isn't too worried makes them feel a little better.

"We met a lot of her friends this summer that she's made down there and they are all great people," Beth said. "Like she said they do support one another and they're there for each other. They're just making the best of a bad situation."

Jordan said Irma had a lot of wind, but Maria seems to have more rain. She said they are still waiting on the all clear from her school before she heads back outside.

Beth and James said they will continue praying for their daughter and all of the people being affected by Maria until the storm passes.

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