Tom Brady’s Diet Tips

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Ever wonder what professional athletes eat to stay in shape?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has recipes from his nutritional regimen in his new book.

The athlete sticks to a diet consisting of around 80 percent vegetables and fruit, most of which he grows in his own garden.

Brady eats a mostly plant based diet, but allows for some lean meat and poultry.

He said it's also important to stick to foods low in both sugar and salt.

“I'm not opposed to meat, obviously. We have roast chicken in here. So, like, you know, there's a little meat. But it's usually, like, little meat and vegetables; sometimes it's, you know, like some type of pasta. It wouldn't be like a, you know, flour pasta or anything like that but, yeah. Somethin' that's going to just keep inflammation down,” said Brady.

He tailors his diet to foods that reduce inflammation.

That, he said, leads to quicker recovery times during the season.

Another Tom Brady essential, water.

While some may see it as a diet full of limitations, he said the opportunities it creates are limitless.

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