UA Student Bags Giant Alligator In SE Arkansas

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DUMAS (KFSM) -- A University of Arkansas student killed a mammoth alligator last week in the marshes of southeast Arkansas.

Martin Lee Walt captured an 11-foot, 516-pound alligator on Sept. 15 in Dumas, which is near the Arkansas-Mississippi state line.

"We went to a place where we knew there were a bunch of big alligators we didn't really know quite the size of how big some of the biggest ones were." said Lee.

In the video posted above you see Lee and his friends struggle to get the gator on board."We could not get him over the edge of the boat we had to actually tie him onto the edge and take him to the bank and then pull him out of the water with a pick up truck."

Out of the thousands that applied, Lee was one of 101 Arkansans to get an alligator hunting license for the second time.  The natural born hunter says it was a definite change of pace."It was a new challenge not many people have done it in Dumas."

The state record belongs to Michael Cottingham. According to Outdoor Life, Cottingham caught a 13-foot, 1,000-pound alligator in Lake Millwood, another prime spot for alligators in southwest Arkansas.

Big Arkie -- arguably the state's most famous alligator -- was also a 13-foot behemoth.

He was captured in 1952 near Hope and later put on exhibit at the Little Rock Zoo. Big Arkie died in captivity in 1970 and was later mounted at the state Game and Fish Commission office.