Metabolic Research Center – Meal Plan For Success – Phase 2

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Hey Bobby here, I just wrapped up week one at Metabolic Research about to start week two.

I had some success by losing three pounds a lot of that probably had to do with the fact that I tried to limit my soda.

I'm a huge Coca-Cola fan always been my weakness, tried to limit that, had some success; now I'm going to get a meal plan today and we are going to try and find out what is on it, it is football season after all.

That menu means beer, pizza, and burgers we will see if it's on their menu though.

"Ok Bobby now was your weekend?" said Sarah Harper Manager and Coach at Metabolic Research.

"It was good, you know I think it was better for me than the football team," said Swofford.

"I think some of the struggles that Bobby had with his first week of preconditioning is just making some of the small changes he wasn't eating breakfast in the morning and now he is eating breakfast and he is feeling good about that," said Harper.

"So preconditioning is going ok?" said Harper.

"Yeah, I think for the first full week of it I did pretty well for myself," said Swofford.

"He ate before the game last week and that was a big deal for him, because he hasn't done that before, but it showed he lost three and a half pounds so we are very very excited for him," said Harper.

"What I did today was move him into the next phase of the program so phase two of our program is really going to get him into fat burning and really boost his metabolism," said Harper.

"So this is where he is really going to start losing anywhere from three to five pounds a week and he is going to feel great, he is going to have energy," said Harper.

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