Poteau Teachers Work To Clean Up Classrooms After Water Damage

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POTEAU (KFSM) - Poteau english teacher Stefany Snipes was one of many faculty members cleaning up their classrooms Friday, after a pipe burst Thursday (Sept. 21) morning flooding dozens of classrooms.

"It got emotional today when they came in and told us 'we need you to clean these out' and 'we're going to move this around' and 'you might not have this back',  we were like, you know,  it's just a shelf but this is our stuff," said Snipes.

Soccer coach Neto Silva took cell phone video of the water that flooded his classroom.

Silva also drives a bus and with classes cancelled for both Thursday and Friday, he was the bearer of bad news for some students.

"I had to turn some kids away. High-schoolers were getting in and I was like, 'sorry, you're not going to school today' and at first they thought I was kidding and they're like 'really coach?' and I was like 'really, you don't have school today,'"said Silva.

Parents were notified via text that a cleaning service will spend the weekend cleaning up and making sure the water has not caused mold or other problems.

Superintendent Don Sjoberg said classes will likely resume on Tuesday. The School asks that parents keep an eye on their official Facebook page for any updates.