New Home For Struggling Single Mothers Opens In Springdale

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Single mothers facing tough times and looking for a fresh start have a new place to call home. The Springdale Family Care Home is opening its doors to abused, homeless, and women in tight financial situations.

During the opening ceremony, administrative assistant Lindsay Hillyard shared her story growing up in a children's home.

"I'm afraid of where I would be actually today without this organization, I didn't come from the best circumstances," Hillyard said. Her mother died when she was 7 years old, leaving her in a abusive home with her father and stepmother.

She said choosing one of the Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes saved her life.

"I wouldn't be where I am today, I wouldn't have the husband that I have today, I wouldn't have the friendships, I wouldn't have the connections," she said.

The 7,000 square foot facility houses seven suite style room, an eating area, prayer garden and playground for kids.

Director David Perry said he believes that their work is more than providing a comfortable bed for a struggling mother and her children, but about changing lives.

"Whether it's counseling, whether it's education, parenting skills whatever they need to work on we're going to help them do that," Perry said.

Perry said he believes what sets their home apart from others is the gift the women get to take with them after completing their success plans.

"We'll be sharing with them about the Lord Jesus Christ and our belief that he can help them and that we can rely on him for giving us the strength to make changes," he said.

There are now seven available slots open at the facility. To view the website, click here.