Local Law Enforcement Come Together To Help Fellow Officer

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Law enforcement from our area are reaching out to help one of their own.

Brandon Herring is a Washington County Sheriff's deputy and his wife Lindsay is a Fort Smith police officer. Their brothers and sisters in blue are now doing what they can to help Lindsay, who is recovering from a stroke.

"We went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows pretty quick," Brandon said.

About four months ago, the couple had a baby, but soon after Lindsay suffered a stroke that doctors say only about 10 percent of people survive.

"There wasn't anything that was going to keep Lindsay from that baby girl," Brandon said. "So she pulled through and she has been trucking along trying to do the best she can so she can be the best mom that she can be and get back to doing the thing she loves doing."

After her stroke, the family lost Lindsay's father to a heart attack, and now doctors say she may have to go back to the hospital for a growth found in her heart.

"It was described as a tumor like growth and they're afraid it could break off and cause another clot at any point," Brandon said. "So there's a good chance that we will have to have surgery to get that corrected."

As the couple goes through this tough time, those they serve with are doing what they can to help.

"It's hard its definitely hard to see one of your close friends basically family go through a situation like this," Fort Smith police officer Jared Girard said.

Brandon said officers from Fort Smith and deputies from Crawford and Washington Counties are saying prayers and lending a helping hand during this dark time.

"She's just very integral part of our juvenile unit for juvenile investigations and juvenile crimes," Fort Smith police officer Angus Bradford said.

Brandon said what his fellow officers are doing means a lot as they work out what happens next.

"In the blue family, no one fights alone. That's pretty much a universal thing there," he said.

The family is still unsure when Lindsay will return to work. To visit their GoFundMe page, click here.