Adventure Arkansas: Wonders of Wildlife, Springfield, MO

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5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge here, I’ve made it up north to the Johnny Morris Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and guys this place is an absolute monster!

So we’re just going to be focusing this week on the wildlife galleries.  Let’s go on in take a look on the inside.

It’s being called the world’s largest, most immersive wildlife attraction.

With over 1.5 miles of indoor trails, visitors journey to all parts of the world seeing real animals and plants native to various climates.

Endless 4-D dioramas behold painstaking details from the hand painted murals, to the lush vegetation and landscaping, and to the hundreds of animals feeding, fighting, and playing in their natural habitat.

There is so much to take in and surprises around every corner.

“The main thing that surprised me is how they made it realistic so that it felt like you were actually there,” said Wolf Student Ashley.

“You know the sounds and the smells of the things that going to be here, and it also changes a bit in temperature in the polar bear room,” said Wolf Student Patrick.

The attention to detail is so great!  All five of your senses are put to use in this realistic world, one also far away from distracting modern-day electronics.

“You notice there aren’t many electronic screens,” said Dr. Grant Woods Wildlife Biologist, “This is the real stuff.  It’s the real smells. If you breathe in here, it smells kind of dusty, right? We’re in an African Plain; it’s supposed to smell dusty!”

Visionary and Bass Pro Shops Founder and Billionaire Johnny Morris has been working on this project for ten years.  He not only wants to teach those of all ages about our planet’s flaura and fauna, be he also hopes that people understand the importance of conservation.

“It’s real important that we’re sharing the message here at the museum that great contribution of every hunter and fisherman out there preserving wildlife around the world,” said Dr. Woods.

The hope is that visitors understand and appreciate the ongoing conservation efforts across the world so that future generations can enjoy the outdoors and be inspired by nature.  With 5NEWS, I’m Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

Stay tuned for next week's Adventure where we will continue our adventure at the wonders of the Aquarium!

For more information about the Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, click here!

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