October Weather Outline

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October is here! So far it has been a mild and sunny start to the month!  However, here are the weather statistics you need to know about October.

We will lose about an hour of daylight this month. By Halloween, the sun will be setting before 6:30PM, with complete darkness close to 7PM CDT.

This past month ended up breaking the record for the driest September! Hopefully things will change in October where we usually expect a bit more than 4 inches of rainfall. In addition, with less sunlight, temperatures will be dropping from highs in the 70s/80s to maximum temperatures in the 60s/70s by the end of the month. In addition, NW Arkansas usually sees its first frost by the end of October! (Fort Smith, your first frost is delayed into November.)


Of course, these are averages!  What we end up seeing could be completely different!