Arkansas State Police Trooper Called An Extreme Liability By Lieutenant

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- A lieutenant with Arkansas State Police Troop L filed a complaint on Sept. 22 against one of the troopers involved in an August high-speed chase through Washington County.

Lt. John T. Overman called Trooper Alan Aiken an extreme liability to the agency, the safety of the public, other officers and himself.

Overman said he was the person Aiken ran over with his vehicle during a foot pursuit on Jan. 11.

He said in the complaint that Aiken misidentified him as the suspect, but sustained life-long injuries from the trooper's actions.

Overman said he finds it very disturbing that Aiken has refused to take responsibility for his actions and that Aiken sees this as part of a joke.

Months later on Sept. 20, Overman said he was checking up on work being done on Aiken's vehicle.

When he arrived, he was asked if he was the guy that was asking for a piece of the bumper that he ran over his captain with so he could make a plaque. Overman asked Aiken's supervisor about this and they told him that he had heard of this.

The next day, Troopers Aiken and Grant Evans, the other trooper involved in the August chase, were being counseled and reprimanded for unacceptable actions at the conclusion of a pursuit they were involved in.

The complaint does not specify which pursuit they were being reprimanded for or what their actions were.

Overman said at the end of that meeting, staff was directed to pull Aiken from pursuits he tries to join or terminate those he initiates in all but extreme cases.

He ended his complaint by saying Aiken is either unable or unwilling to conform to the agency's expectations.

When asked if Evans also had a complaint filed against him and what the troopers were being reprimanded for, ASP Public Information Officer Bill Sadler said no disciplinary action has been imposed that would rise to affirmative job action.

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