Metabolic Research Center – Routine For Success – Phase 3

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Hey guys, Bobby here I'm entering the second week of my lifestyle change. I'm here at the Metabolic Research Center in Fayetteville we're going to talk to Sandy and see how we can get to the next step in this process.

Weekends are kind of crazy for me as with high school football that is usually a good 12 to 14 hour day on Fridays, but I've prepared for that I've prepped meals and packed them all to go so I don't have to go to the concession stand.

When I take food with me it really helps prepare me mentally for the daily grind I don't have to worry about, "hey where am I going to grab lunch or dinner". I've packed food that's good for me, that's healthy for me and a better option for me than when I would grab something at the game or on the drive thru on the way back from a game.

"His mind set is good and that has a lot to do with it, there is going to be times where it's going to be tough it's going to be challenging for him and he is aware of that, that's what we are here for it to prep him," said Sandy with Metabolic Research Center. "You know we all have different challenges as far as why we are at the weight we are at because it is very psychological and he is willing to make all of the right choices as best as possible," said Sandy.

Well as you can see I got to put my name on the board, I am down 11 poundsĀ  and 10 total inches with the lifestyle change that I have done here at Metabolic Research. The progress is good, hopefully we can keep this going now with football season and that routine is starting to help the process a little bit as well.

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