Rescued Dogs Now Have Homes

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BETHEL HEIGHTS (KFSM) -- Twenty-six yorkies were taken from a woman's home in late September and Spay Arkansas in Springdale took in 11 of the 26 dogs.

One of those dogs was put to sleep because it was in such bad condition, and president of Spay Arkansas Romaine Kobilsek said another one will have problems with one of her legs for the rest of her life.

"We quickly realized that this is a situation where spaying and neutering would have prevented all of this," Kobilsek said. "So, we really felt compelled to help these animals because if they would have been spayed or neutered we wouldn't have had 26 animals."

Most of the dogs had to be shaved because they were so matted, Kobilsek said. She said all of the dogs are social and just want to be lap dogs.

"I really do believe this was a situation where there was no ill intent by the owner, simply a case of perhaps not knowing better or that they were financially unable to take care of these dogs," she said.

Joannakaye Woods said when she found out about the dogs she knew she had to adopt one.

"You wouldn't believe how important it is and they need us more than we need them," she said. "But they make a big difference in our life and I think he saved us."

Kobilsek said some of the dogs were taken to a rescue in Fort Smith and some are going to a rescue in Alabama. She said others were adopted from Bethel Heights.

Photo credit: Deborah Billingsley

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