Adventure Arkansas: Ozark Corn Maze, Cave Springs

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Hey guys, 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge here! In this week's Adventure Arkansas, I  took the Adventure Subaru to Ozark Corn Maze in Cave Springs to put their mazes to the test.

"We have 3 mazes that are over 16 acres together.. we have a 10 acre pumpkin patch, and we have the corn cannons, pumpkin sling shot, a free hay ride this year," said Timothea McGarrah.

There is so much to do, including a really cool corn cannon with targets in the distance, but this year they decided to take one of their corn mazes to the next level.

"We use Precision Mazes and he uses GPS so he does a blueprint, GPS, and they come in and cut the trails with a computer," said McGarrah, "We wanted to have a more difficult maze, maze #3 is pretty difficult, to get out of."

So of course I had to try the hardest one.

Now I’m paying the price as I’ve been here just about 30 minutes and I can’t find my way out.  However if you are looking for a maze that’s going to give you a challenge, this is the one for you.

Once you're finished with the mazes, there are several scenic Fall photo sets that are perfect for family pictures or for a new profile selfie.

"Bring your families out, Fall Pictures, things like that, have a good time and relax," said McGarrah, "We have food, drinks have a good time with your family... Our staff is always welcome to take pictures of your family... anyway we can be of help!"

They also invite schools on field trips and there a few more openings left!  Schools and teachers are encouraged to register with McGarrah Farms.

Ozark Corn Maze is open Fridays from 12PM-Dark, Saturdays from 10AM-Dark, and Sundays from 12PM-Dark.  You can connect with Ozark Corn Maze, here or follow them on social!

With Adventure Arkansas and 5NEWS, I’m Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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