Logan County Sheriff’s Office Searching For Person Responsible For Shooting Cows

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LOGAN COUNTY (KFSM) -- Deputies with the Logan County Sheriff's Office are looking for the person responsible for shooting several cows.

The sheriff's office said that the shooting happened in the Greasy Valley area.

"I've seen people shoot something like that just to see if they can make a shot," James Cook, farmer said.

The cow in the picture posted by the sheriff's office isn't the only one who's been shot in the last month.

Cook said he went to check on his land several weeks ago and found one of his cows dead in his pasture.

"I was checking around the food plot I had planted with an electric fence around it and first thing I found was one of our heifers laying flat out dead with a bullet hole just behind her left shoulder," Cook said.

For farmers, a loss like that could cost them $500 to as much as several thousand dollars.

"This hurts us," Cook said. "We get our monthly check, my wife get a little check and I get a check. It's not very big and we rely on these cows."

Now farmers like Cook said they're trying to keep their livestock safe while hoping those responsible are caught.

"They're taking that much money out of our billfolds that pays our bills and I hope that this bring them people to justice," Cook said.

If you have any information, call the Logan County Sheriff's Office at (479) 963-3271. You can also private message the sheriff's office Facebook page.

Deputies ask for you to call in if you see any suspicious activity in the area and to make sure to get a good vehicle description along with a license plate number.

A cash reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest.