Siloam Springs Restaurant Increases Security After Break In

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM)-- A Siloam Springs restaurant owner discussed the changes they plan to make after she and another business were broken into.

Public Information Officer Lt. Derek Spicer said the Thai Cafe and Richard's Tire were both victims of a break in early Tuesday morning.

Since then, they are working with other agencies like Fayetteville and Springdale police to see if they are connected to other break ins in those areas that happened around the same time.

“We are working to establish more proof that they are connected," Spicer said. "Usually we try not to work off coincidence, we try not to believe in coincidence. So, we are communicating, all the multiple agencies are working well together to see if they are in fact related.”

Richard's Tire said nothing was stolen and that the people who broke in just smashed their glass door.

It was a different story though for Lee Xiong, the owner of the Thai Cafe.

Not only did the people break their glass door as well, but they took the cash register and the chef's tips.

Xiong said they only had about $5 in change in the register and a few dollars in the tip jar.

She explained the business next door was the first to see the shattered glass.

Xiong wasn't sure what exactly she was going to see on the security footage because the cameras were off when she first arrived.

“It did scare us that at first the glass shattering that, it woke me up right away," Xiong said. "So we were like, it was scary at first… for sure.”

Since the break in, the restaurant replaced the glass in the door and purchased a new cash register.

Xiong said people all over the community have reached out as well just to see if they are okay.

“It shows us here that the community is very supportive and they care about their neighbors and that makes us really happy to be here and have a business here," Xiong said.

Xiong plans to add more security cameras around the restaurant in response to the break in.

She has also received multiple calls from other small businesses in the area that are being a little more cautious so they don't become a target.