Metabolic Research Center – Establishing A Routine – Phase 4

“Bobby is down 15 and a half pounds he' lost 10 inches overall his BMI has come down as well and he's lost 2% of his body fat in just four weeks," said Sarah Metabolic Research Center Coach.

“The clothes are starting to feel a little bit better, which is nice, I may have to buy smaller sizes in the next couple weeks which is a nice motivating factor for me because I can see that it's working," said Bobby.

"He's making really good lifestyle changes," said Sarah.

"They always say it takes three weeks to make a habit or break a habit and I think I've passed that threshold, I don't have to go out of my way to grab a soda or go to a drive-thru," said Bobby. "Moving forward has made things easier for me."

"In the beginning it's a lot of stuff to learn and changes to go through we've given him those tools that he needs,he's done a really good job with it," said Sarah.

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