Over the Edge: Are You Brave Enough?

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Survivors’ Challenge Weekend supporting the Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House in Fort Smith is coming up on Saturday, October 14th.

 For the second year, it includes Over the Edge where those brave enough can rappel down the side of the First National Bank building. 5NEWS Anchor Erika Thomas volunteered to do it and she'll be going the day before on Friday the 13th. Here’s a look ahead at what she'll experience and you can too, if you’re up for the challenge.

“You’re definitely scared. You’re anxious, you’re ready to go down," said Ricky Beauchamp, Over the Edge Event Chair.

But first, you’ll have to put on the proper safety equipment, like 5NEWS Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis did last year. Then you head onto the roof, up the scaffolding and over the edge.

“You get out there and you look down. And that’s fun. And it’s intense," said Beauchamp.

Event organizers John Ziegler and Ricky Beauchamp both did it last year and overcame that fear of going over the edge.

“It’s a battle. It takes everybody supporting each other. The network of family, friends, everything out there. Seeing people come out and support the people going over the edge. You know most of the people who do this are usually survivors," said Beauchamp.

John himself was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and knows how important it is to have a network of support.

“It’s scary, it’s exhilarating, it’s fun. And you know you’re surrounded by people who are going through the same emotions you are, which is a metaphor for the Cancer Support House," said John Ziegler, Survivors' Challenge Weekend Chair.

It’s all happening Saturday, October 14th and Erika will be rappelling live on TV the day before. There will be a landing zone festival if you want to come watch and a monitor with a live stream of those rappelling so you can see all the action without craning your neck. You have to raise $1,000 and there are still spots available. You can sign up online here or contribute to Erika's fundraising efforts here.

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