Best Time To See Fall Foliage Where You Live

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- We're beginning to see the signs of fall with yellows, reds and oranges taking over the green landscape throughout the area. Many visitors come to The Natural State this time of year to see the vibrant autumn colors.

State park officials said it varies each year, but the best time to see those beautiful colors is anywhere from October 16th to the first week of November in Northwest Arkansas.

After having such a wet August and a dry September, many were worried about how the fall foliage would be impacted.

"It depends on how much rain we get. We're behind for the month, but I think we're ahead for the year," said Devil's Den State Park Superintendent Monte Fuller. "The plants kind of bounce back a little bit, and the extra chlorophyll they make will help brighten the colors up," Fuller said.

Throughout Arkansas, there are several roads that are suggested for those wanting to check out the fall foliage:

"This is a good time to start your tour to start seeing the colors, and I'd say if you get out and look before the end of the month, you'll see some colors," said Fuller.  "If we get a hard rain at the beginning of November, a lot of times it will beat the leaves off. By the 10th or 11th of November the leaves are really starting to go away pretty quick."

Throughout the season, fall color reports will be posted every Friday morning on state tourism site A network of “spotters” keeps the information up-to-date on the peak times to see the autumn foliage.

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