Some Fort Smith Residents Could See Water Bill Rise Twenty Percent

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- According to Fort Smith utilities director Jerry Walters, crews service around 35,000 water meters. He said around 17,000 are more than 10 years old and about 9,500 are more than 20 years old.

Those older than 20 years are putting out a reading usage 20 percent less than they should, Walters said.

"Our goal is to be fair and consistent for the whole community, to make sure everybody is paying their fair share, nobody is paying more and nobody most of the case is paying less because of the bad meters," Walters  said.

Fort Smith crews are in the process of replacing the old meters, which Walters said can be found in the city's oldest neighborhoods.

Crews estimate it will take approximately two years to get all of the meters replaced.

Walters said the city is losing money until the meters are replaced.

"We could be talking millions, yes," he said. "Not large millions, but in the one to two million dollar range."