Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club Haunted Warehouse In Need Of New Location

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The end may be near for one of our area's most popular haunted houses. The Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club could be shutting the doors to their haunted warehouse after this year.

Their spooky site is located at three warehouses in Chaffee Crossing and has been home to ghouls and goblins for the past ten years. However, the nonprofit group is being asked to take its haunted warehouse somewhere else because of the recent growth at Chaffee Crossing.

New businesses want to move in the space and will offer more money to use it. As a result, redevelopment representatives have decided not to renew the Boys and Girls Club's lease.

The Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club is now searching for a new space between now and May 31st of next year, or else they'll have to ditch the ghouls and goblins.

"One is the location, is there parking for us and a large crowd, could we get the building year around, and is it affordable, " said Jason Morland with the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club. "However, I understand people don't make money with donating buildings to people so there's a lot of variables involved, but our eyes are open and we're ready to talk."

They also have an option to sell all of their haunted house items and plan different fundraisers for the future. Although this is the Boys and Girls Club biggest fundraiser of the year and would take several fundraisers to match what the haunted warehouse brings in. According to Morland, "If I was to say on average we probably made up to $50,000 on this fundraiser alone. It's all about making money for the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club that goes into our general fund, so we obviously want the best thing that can happen for the nonprofit," said Morland.

The Haunted Warehouse will be open Friday and Saturday nights during the Halloween season. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and are open until midnight. Tickets to go through the haunted warehouse are $15 per person. There's also a coffin ride, which is $5.

If you're interested in helping out the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Club, you can contact Evans Boys and Girls Club at 479-646-9519.