Metabolic Research Center – Dropping Pounds & Gaining Confidence – Phase 5

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It's Thursday, so that means we're here at Metabolic Research Center in Fayetteville.

I've been in the program over a month now, seen some pretty good progress.

Football seasons rolling on, so we'll see how we'll I've done over the past week, and hopefully I've got some better numbers.

Bobby’s coach, Sarah, catches us up on how his is doing on the program.

“Bobby is about six weeks in now and he is down 21 inches and 20 pounds, he hit his twenty pound milestone today so he is doing great, he is averaging 3 ½ pounds per week on the program,” said Sarah.

“Bobby is feeling great he is losing weight and inches, his clothes are fitting differently, he has got energy, we are very happy so far with his success,” said Sarah.

Fall is here and that means you have to break out the jeans once again and much to my surprise when I pulled them out they were all to big I’ve lost 21 inches and 20 pounds at Metabolic Research Center in Fayetteville that is both good and bad, bad for my bank account because that means I have to go buy new clothes, but then again that is a good problem to have.

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